Preschool Photos 2019


My name is Rachel and I am a Family and Child Portrait Photographer. I am excited to inform you that I will be attending Christchurch Preschool in early March to take photographs of the school children. I hope to get some beautiful natural portraits which capture your child during a typical school day after which the photographs will be emailed to you via an online gallery and available to purchase as digital images. Prices will start from £15.00 but you are under no obligation to buy. A percentage of the profits made will be donated to the preschool.

If you would like me to photograph your child, then you will need to “Opt in”. In order to do this, please complete the below form and submit it to me by Thursday 28th February. If I have not received the form by the submission date, then your child will not be photographed.

Please also ensure you have read and understood my Privacy Policy, see link below.

I look forward to my time at the preschool and hope to capture some wonderful shots of the school children.

Kind regards

Rachel Humphrey

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