Turvey Preschool Photos 2018 | Bedford Photographer

It was a pleasure again to be able to photograph the children at Turvey Pre-school. It’s always lots of fun spending time with this age group!

Following the same formula as the previous year, I captured 5 photos of each child going about their daily business with a mix of both indoor and outdoor shots. I always try and capture the children as naturally as possible to avoid those really over the top fake smiles that children just love to do!

Just like the last time, a proportion of the profits were donated to the Pre-school. If you would like to keep up with all the fund-raising or would like to donate to the school please refer to the "Turvey Pre-school Playgroup" facebook page or email admin@turveypreschool.org.uk.

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Bedford Family Photographer - Turvey Preschool photos.jpg
Turvey Preschool - Bedford Photographer.jpg
Bedford Photographer - Turvey Preschool Photos.jpg
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Turvey Preschool Photos - Bedford Photographer.jpg
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Bedford Family Photographer - Turvey Preschooljpg
Bedford Family Photographer - Turvey Preschool.jpg
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Rachel Humphrey is a family and child portrait photographer based on the Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire border. You can see her current work by clicking here or follow her on facebook and Instagram.